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Null Doc

Null Doc is a web app that compiles user defined functions for popular languages.

Video Anywhere

Chrome extension that adds a play icon on your url bar when you are in a youtube page or any other video site that has the embed url meta tag. This will play the video on a notification box so you can do whatever you want while watching the video.

Ramen Tech

A list of more projects I do with a friend, also composing of android apps & web apps.


A web app that changes the way we create polls & ways people interact with voting. This is under RamenTech.

Flickr Smart Sync

flickrsmartsync is a tool you can use to easily sync up or down your photos in a drive/folder to flickr since now it has a free 1TB storage you can probably sync all your photo collection.


Tool to manage packages for google app engine.


Project skeleton for google app engine python to get you started with basic demo that can help you get that prototype as fast as possible. It also has some advance configurations which is ready for production use.


Project skeleton based on app-engine-starter but works outside google's app engine.


Host static websites on google app engine while having the ability to use jinja2 templating system.