The Story So Far

2014Founded in 2014, Altlimit's mission has always been to find workarounds for limitations - thus, alternative to limitations. Eversince, they have always strived to deliver cost-efficient solutions to their clients' software needs. Initially, Altlimit was focused on web applications and they have delivered a full fledged crowdfunding website, a community portal, and some social media apps. 2017In 2017, they had the honor of building an application for the state's bullion depository through a private company. This paved the way for the company to expand services after the experience it brought to the table. 2018In 2018, a repeat customer rehired the team to work on automation, data extraction and migration. This relationship with this client has brought in more projects including a document management system with scanning solutions and more integration to car dealership systems. 2019In 2019, with the availability of Flutter, they have also added mobile development in their portfolio. 2022Currently, the team continues to accept and work on new projects while still maintaining projects with existing clients.

Core Team

The core team is a dynamic duo who has been working together on projects for over two decades. They handle most of the responsibilities on project intakes, consulting and software development and bring in other talents as needed on the project.


Faisal R.

Faisal Architect, Fullstack Engineer

Faisal is the solutions architect responsible for building core components of each project focusing on performance and scalability. He currently uses Go, Flutter, and VueJS but has vast experience with other technologies throughout his + years of career in the software industry as a fullstack engineer.


Monna R.

Monna Frontend Engineer

Monna is the frontend engineer responsible for aesthetics, user experience, and presentation of applications and makes sure they are building responsive web applications. Her favorite stack is VueJS and Tailwind CSS. She has been in the software industry for + years as software engineer, integration engineer, and frontend engineer.