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Below are different pricing models we charge for custom software development and web design.

Software Development

Simple pricing model starting with a fixed monthly rate per project and capacity with a minimum of 1 month. Use the calculator below to get an estimate on your project. Includes custom web, mobile, desktop apps, scripting, automation and anything you want to develop.
Active Devs:
Monthly Cost: $
Prorate Cost: $

We will provide you status updates every two weeks at the very least (you can request for more frequency as desired). After the minimum one month, costs will be prorated daily until the project has been delivered. You may cancel anytime after the first month if you are not happy with the progress.

Support is included with an active project. This is also required if you want us to manage your servers. A server setup, configuration or implementation is a project. Manage here means that we make sure your servers are running and depending on what needs to be done can be a whole project of itself.

You decide if a project is complete before we can start a new project without increasing the number of active projects.

Server costs are the responsibility of the client. If we manage the servers we will share the billing account for the project for you to fill your own method of payment.

Web Design

We also build marketing, information or corporate websites. We don't use blog platform such as wordpress and only build with static site generators and host your site on Netlify, Github Pages or Firebase. You can also host it yourself on any static site hosts.

Below are commonly requested estimates for web design up to 10 pages.

$1500 - Website with existing logo.

$2000 - Create logo with website.

$3000 - Implementing existing complex mock up.

Hosting Costs

Netlify - First 100GB/month bandwidth free then $20/100GB

Github Pages - Soft limit of 100GB/month, then we'll need to put it on Netlify or other static hosts

Firebase - First 10GB/month bandwidth free then $0.15/GB

Contact Form Costs

Sendgrid - 100 emails/day free then $14.95/month up to 40k emails

Most websites will not go over the free limits and end up with a $0/month hosting cost.

We don't create text content, buy templates or produce unique images for your website. You can provide text and image content you want to include or we can add existing open source illustrations from the internet.

You can do content updates yourself for free through Github UI if we host your site at Netlify. Updates will trigger an automated deployment to your website. If you need more complex updates such as new page structures we charge $125/hour.

We require a 50% deposit for web design projects.

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